My 3 month probation period has come to an end and I am now a permanent member of staff at Volkswagen Citygate. I wanted to write a small reflection about what I have learnt so far and how much progress I have made.

First and foremost, I feel so part of the Volkswagen family at work, which I am very grateful about. Every member of the team shares a common passion, drive and fire which motivates them to push further in the automotive industry. I believed in this drive, found it within myself and used it to push myself and grow.

It goes without say that many in society share a generalisation about sales executives; they may think we are arrogant and want to steal people’s money. I would like to use this space to state that sales is not about money at all, and it never should be!

I look at my role as a sales executive as one through which I can build trustworthy relationships with each of my customers, meeting their needs and demands with respect to buying a car, ultimately enabling them to purchase a suitable car which meets both their needs and budget.

I valued the role of the sales executives and so when I started working, I knew I wanted to be a person who was appreciated and approachable by all and any customers. I put customers first; they are the focus of the sales. I was very grateful to have received recognition for my customer experience for new cars towards the end of 2017, from the Head of Sales Operations Volkswagen UK.

I have attached a few reviews from my recent customers and pictures of the sales.

“My husband and I bought a car few days ago. All I can say is that customer service was the best ever. Hari was so helpful and not pushy at all. Everything was seemless. And, as this was our first new car purchase we got a little suprise from Hari and Mandeep in the end. They presented us with a cake made by Mandeep’s mum! It was sooo gorgeous. Well, if that doesn’t shout first class service I don’t know what does. Thank you Hari, and Mandeep, for everything!!!!! PS We love the car!” – Mr & Mrs Benak – Volkswagen Golf SE MK7.5 2018

“Hari has been just brilliant. Not only has he been extremely helpful in selecting the ideal car for my budget, but went above and beyond with helping through the car documentation and being attentive throughout. The service was friendly and I felt Hari was as excited as I was about the new car and the journey its self. I would recommend Hari to anyone”. – Mr Dolan – Volkswagen UP Beats 2018

“I am extremely happy and grateful for the service I received from Hari. I couldn’t of asked for more of a professional and knowledgeable sales person. He was able to cater to my budget and my difficult demands. He sat me down and went though everything with me which I appreciated as past experiences had differed from this. I couldn’t recommended Hari more. My favorite sales person! I loveeee my new car thank you so much :)” – Miss Vatsa – Volkswagen Polo SE 2018

March and September are a big months in the automotive industry. New registration plates come out in the UK. It is going to a hectic yet adventurous month. I am looking forward the perks and challenges which the next few months are going to bring, so I will keep you updated.

Thanks for reading,

Hari Pathu.

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  • Maddie
    Posted on February 14, 2018 at 8:31 pm

    It takes a certain way with people to sell something to them, let alone a big purchase like a car. Well done, these kinds of skills will help you in every facet of life.

  • Dipakkumar Patel
    Posted on March 13, 2018 at 8:56 pm

    Hari is very helpful. I am very happy and grateful with service I got from Hari. This was my first good experience from City gate Ruislip.

  • Gurpreet
    Posted on March 29, 2018 at 9:55 am

    Hari has been extremely helpful in choosing a right car in our budget & patiently going through all the documents & clauses which we did not understand. Thankyou Hari for your excellent service.


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